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Acceptance of Terms of Use
Carefully read the Terms of Use, Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines. By using our platform you warrant and represent that you understand and accept the terms of use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Community Guidelines.

Changes to Terms of Use
We have the right to change, modify, alter or replace the Terms of Use at any time. We will notify our users by email when such updates are set forward. The release date of these updates are published at the end of this document. It is your responsibility to check this page and update yourself on updates done to our Terms of Use, Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines. For registered users, these updates to our Terms of Use, Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines will take effect three (3) weeks period after notification.

Your WeShareNotes Account
You may terminate your WeShareNotes account by sending us an email at email@wesharenotes.com Registering to our platform requires that you ensure that the email address provided by you the user, is and remains valid. Information provided about yourself will be treated with respect to our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to delete, cancel or suspend your account without prior notice if any of the terms set out by our Terms of use, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines are violated.

Use of the Platform
Strict compliance must be followed with the Terms of Use and our Community Guidelines. WeShareNotes grants you the user, registered or unregistered, a limited, personal, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable and non-transferable right and license to use our platform. We also grant our registered user a limited, personal, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable and non-transferable right and license to:
(2) Communicate with other members in accordance to our Community Guidelines.
(3) Upload, submit or post content to the platform as permitted in accordance to our Terms of use and other terms published on our website.
(4) save subscribers from outside or within wesharenotes user base.
Our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, does not allow for users to:
(1) Copy, rip, capture, attempt to copy, rip or capture any content from our platform if not permitted by the uploader.
(2) Adapt, copy, republish, make available, display, perform , transfer, share, distribute, use or exploit content, except where such content is yours.
(3) Create or replicate any part of a content offered by our platform.
(4) Use scraping or similar techniques to make use of any content.
(5) Remove, alter or attempt to remove or alter any trademarks, copyright or legal notices on content submitted by other users.
(6) Use the Platform to upload, store, transmit, post, display, distribute, copy, make available or communicate to the public:
-Offensive, abusive, libelous,defamatory,obscene,racist,sexually explicit,ethnically or culturally offensive,indecent, that promotes violence, terrorism, illegal acts, incites hatred towards, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, or is reasonably harmful.
-Any content, material, or information that violates, plagiarizes, misappropriates or infringes the rights of any third party or copyright, trademark rights, privacy or publicity, or any other right.
-Any content that breaches or violates any law or unlawful in WeShareNotes reasonable opinion.
-Any material that contains any harmful set of codes in which might or might not disrupt our servers, networks or platform.
-any unauthorized advertising
(7) rent, lease or sell any access information to our platform or content gathered from our platform.
(8) impersonate any person or company
(9) Harass a user of any agent of WeShareNotes
(10) Use someone else account without their permission
(11) Collect private information through any form of spidering or scraping.
(12) Access or attempt to access unauthorized content or information pertaining to our servers, systems, network or service of WeShareNotes.
Attempt to interfere with our website or platform by hacking our systems or servers. Unwillingness to follow these terms may result in an investigation directed by WeShareNotes and a report to the law enforcement authorities. You agree to comply with the terms and conditions. You also agree to acknowledge that WeShareNotes has the right to terminate or cancel any account as it sees fit if you breach or do not comply with our terms of use.

Your Content
You hereby acknowledge and agree that your content remains your sole responsibility and that WeShareNotes does not claim any ownership rights in your content. You must not use our platform to upload, store, distribute, send, transmit, display, perform or make available any content in which you don’t hold the necessary rights.

Grant of License
Uploading content to WeShareNotes grants us the right to store the content on our hosting provider for the use of reproduction, transmission, distribution and public display on our platform and external sources using our services. You hereby grant WeShareNotes a limited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free and fully paid basis. By uploading or sharing your content to the platform, you grant WeShareNotes a limited, worldwide, non-exclusive,royalty-free, fully paid up, licence to other users of the platform and to operators and users of other websites or platforms in which your content has been shared or made available through WeShareNotes. Removing your content from your account will result in the direct deletion of such files from WeShareNotes. However, you acknowledge and agree that other platforms might have a copy of your content, WeShareNotes does not ensure nor is obligated the deletion of such files on these external sources.
All rights pertaining to content is reserved to the relevant uploader of such content.

Representation and Warranties
You hereby represent that:
(1) Your content is your original work or you have all the necessary rights, licenses, consents and permissions in order to allow WeShareNotes the right to use such content in adhesion to our terms of use in which includes the right to upload, reproduce, store, transmit, share, publicly display, make available through our website or linked in services.
(2) Content submitted by you the user will not create any liabilities to WeShareNotes nor its affiliates, successors or agents.
(3) Your content and action follow the community guidelines. We reserve the right to terminate, suspend or remove content that is believed to be infringes another person’s rights or violates any law.

Newsletters and Notifications
By registering to weShareNotes, you grant us the access to notify you the user of any information. You the user can opt-out of Emails, Newsletter or general notifications at anytime of preference. Liability for Content
You hereby acknowledge and agree that WeShareNotes does not play a part in giving nor representing your uploaded content,(2)stores information and content from the direction of its users. You hereby acknowledge and agree that WeShareNotes does not review all the information or content provided by its users for inappropriate, infringing or unlawful content that might be violating these terms of use. WeShareNotes and its affiliates, employees, agents, directors and assigns exclude from to the fullest extent permitted by law, any and all liability arising from any content submitted or uploaded by a user to the platform. By using platform, you irrevocably waive the right to assert any claim against WeShareNotes or its affiliates, successors, assigns, employees, agents or directors. You also understand that you must not use our email sending services to spam or send unsafe content to subscribers.

Reporting Infringements
To report any sort of infringement or copyrighted material, send us a direct email at email@wesharenotes.com

Third Party Websites and Services
WeShareNotes may provide you with access to linked services or third party website, databases,networks, servers, information,software, programs, systems, directories,application and products or services. WeShareNotes does not maintain or have control over these external or linked services. WeShareNotes does not represent nor give representation to any of these external services with respect to legality, accuracy,quality or authenticity of content. You are responsible for understanding and reviewing the terms of use , privacy policy or any other terms set out by these external services. You are responsible for taking precaution to protect your information, computer system and yourself when using and agreeing to the terms of these external services. You hereby irrevocably waive any claim against WeShareNotes with respect to the operation or content from any external services. WeShareNotes disclaims any harm or liability caused by external services.

Removal of Content
WeShareNotes reserves the right to remove, block, delete or restrict any content at any time if we have reasonable doubt or proof that such content does not pertain to our terms of use or community guidelines. We also have the right to suspend, delete, terminate or block your account if ordered by a court or other appropriate circumstance determined by WeShareNotes at its discretion.

You agree to defend and hold WeShareNotes harmless and its affiliate, employees, agents or directors from any and all claims, obligation,damages,losses,expenses,cost and attorney fees from any:
(1) Violations done by you to the terms of use and our community guidelines.
(2) activity related or done to your account, by you or any person who accessed your account without your consent.
(3) claim from a third party in relation to copyright infringement or rights pertaining to intellectual property, invasion of privacy, the use of your content on our platform or linked in services set by our parameters.

Email provided by the user will be used for allowing other users to contact and send messages among the our online community while following the community guidelines.

Community Guidelines

WeShareNotes is a community dedicated for people who would like to broadcast their work across the world. As a community and a family, we encourage our user to use constructive feedback when posting or communicating within our platform. WeShareNotes is not a platform for:
1- Pornopraphy
2- Abusive content
3- Violent material
4- Hateful Speech
5- Dangerous/illegal acts
6- Harassment
Too many to mention, use your best judgement.

Uploaded content in which break these guidelines, will be removed. As described in our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to remove any content with or without the consent of the uploader.
Respect copyright, your peers and our community.
To report a user in which is in violation of our community guidelines. Send us an email at email@wesharenotes.com

Return or Refund Policy
All our online services are non-refundable unless specified otherwise within the relating page.

FEEDBACK Here at WeShareNotes, feedback from our users is highly appreciated. If you have any constructive feedback that you would like to see on our website, please send us an email at email@WeShareNotes.com