We're On A Mission

to connect the most talented Creatives, Creators and Influencers on planet earth.

What is WeShareNotes?

The Problem:

Many social networks allow you to share anything. While amazing for entertainment, it's very noisy, especially for creators who want to share a vision with the world, but can’t because their content is overshadowed by memes and fake news. Having not found a network that solves this issue, I created WeShareNotes.

WeShareNotes: A network designed for creators, bloggers, developers, designers, or just about anyone who aspire to create something from nothing. Its a network driven by passion, by people who are crazy enough to pursue their moonshots projects whether its a blog or the long awaited flying car. As a secondary benefit, you're rewarded with a community of similar creators and mentors to help you along with feedback and support. Its about creators, mentors and an audience who share meaningful information "notes", hence "WeShareNotes".

How does it benefit you (The Creator)?

Here's a short video to visually show you how everything works for your growth benefits.

Is it Free?

The site is totally free for now. We definitely see premium services for paid users in the future, but for now, everything is entirely free for all. In the near future, early adopters will be rewarded with premium accounts at no extra charge.

How did the site get started?

I @juancast09, started the site in my junior year of college to solve the lack of portfolios among students and help them share college material. Many students in college want to pursue a dream, a job or vision but very few have much to show for it. Many rely on the system to get them the experience they need, but my beliefs are different. I believe that most of us can work, learn and communicate from almost anywhere.