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[SHARING] Blog Makeover is making me happy \(^3^)/
Good day lovelies and foodies... Hope you have a great day as we are at the new month of September \(^.^)/ Hello September!! Please be good to me too ya~ ^.^ I'm sure lovelies and foodies do feel a lil lost and keep asking are you at the the right Foodilicious page cause the layout seems a lil different from the Foodilicious page that you know. ^.^''' Well.... I, Apple Berry, do certify that you are at the right page as Foodilicious just had a makeover few days ago. (^.^)v This is the Foodilicious look of Before and After blog makeover. xD I wanted to say million thanks to The Butterfly Project and mamasan Tammy, that gave me such big love to have a blog makeover few days back <3<3<3 To be honest, I do tried to have a makeover moment by myself since early of the year where I do realize Foodilicious is just too messy with lots of full stories and ads around ^.^'''' When comes to the real deal, I just can't manage well with the coding where my page is getting worst if I wrongly keyed or delete the codes ^.^'''''' Yup.. going to be crazy soon while working with coding (x_x) But really feel grateful that mamasan Tammy from The Butterfly Project comes to the rescue. Yahuhu!!! \(^3^)/ *excited mode* I just feel I'm lucky enough to be one of the butterflies in The Butterfly Project community where is a place for us to learn more in what we love to do (especially in blogging xD). Really proud to be one of the butterfly from The Butterfly Project (^.^) Because of this simple and fresh makeover, I do believe the adventurous me is on the way as will be  more story telling moment  here (^.^)b I will do my best not to be M.I.A. often (again ^.^'') as this is my job as a full time blogger now ^3^ (if you know what I mean xD) ...with adventurous me ^.^v If lovelies and foodies wanna learn more about The Butterfly Project community, why  not pay a visit to their website and register to be one of the butterfly (just like me! ^.^v). Wait no more! Let's be butterflies together and who knows, we might have the chance to be closer like a family (^.^)Website The Butterfly Project Facebook page @ButterflyProjectMalaysia Instagram @butterflyproject.my
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