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Sweet date at Pâtissez, Damansara Uptown \(^3^)/
Its been quite some time that I'm missing in action (again ^^''). Well, I hereby officially announce that I'm back to Kuala Lumpur and this is the reason why I'm being MIA xD Since I have not fix my phone issue yet, please forgive me with these photos that I took with my mini cheap phone ^^'' Story of Pâtissez Damansara Uptown So, today's sharing is about having a sweet date at Pâtissez Damansara Uptown. Is my second visit as is a relaxing area for me to work on my new life itinerary yesterday. xD Is a relaxing area for me :3 I was there since noon as I can have my dinner sekaligus xD So, having a cup of tea is a-must do thing for me xD A cup of Earl Grey please :3 Special Miso Bowl is what I order for my dinner yesterday. The taste of this dish is just simply fresh with the greens, tender beef brisket and poached egg. I'm surprise that they are using angelhair instead of udon to make this dish that cooked with their special miso soup. Yummy Special Miso Bowl Was thinking what should I have for sweet course as Pâtissez do serve multi kinds of desserts. But thanks to Louis (a.k.a. ex-employee of Pâtissez xD) for recommendation to have their signature Freakshakes. By looking at the Freakshakes , my day is just sweet! <3 Freakshakes is known as the most ultimate dessert with epic milkshake in a jar. I was being recommended to have their signature Pretzella Freakshakes to make my day sweet. With the Nutella shake that pair with some salted pretzels and vanilla mousse, I just love it seriously!!! <3<3<3Let's check out with the making of Pretzella Freakshakes maybe? xD With the vanilla mousse and Nutella dipped salty pretzels, it just took my breathe away.. While enjoying my Pretzella Freakshakes, I do have a good news for you! Pâtissez are having giveaways of movie tickets voucher now! How to join? Just follow these 4 simple steps to join this giveaway contest.1) Snap the most creative shot with their Freakshakes2) Upload those cool shots to Facebook or Instagram3) Remember to tag Pâtissez and tell them why you choose the Freakshakes4) Lastly, just sit back and wait for the sweet news!Contest ends on 31st October 17. Lovelies and foodies should wait no more as Pâtissez are having Halloween theme Freakshakes during this Halloween period too. Is a brilliant chance for you to have creative shots of the Freakshakes. Let's join lah as who knows, you might be one of the 5 lucky winners of this contest! This is known as Bloody Pretzella,.. ..Webbie Muddy Pat,.. ...the cute Pokey Thai Tea Freak, and... Spidy Mint Condition. So this is my story about Pâtissez Damansara Uptown. How about lovelies and foodies? Seriously, I will be back here for more. Why? Is because Pâtissez are launching their new Durian Freakshakes on this coming Monday. The Pretzella Freakshakes already took my breathe away, I'm sure Durian Freakshakes will just take my life away. Click here to know more about Pâtissez Damansara Uptown
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