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Inspiration stream sponsored
Time for a little update on what is going on with the Inspiration Stream. As you've probably guessed, gathering quality inspiration can be time consuming. When The Deck still was a partner of this site this wasn't an issue. With Jim Coudal's announcement of shutting it down back in March I had to think of something to keep it around as so many people enjoy it everyday. For those that are new, each week there are 12 new items added. There aren't many curated places around anymore. My new site will take the inspiration stream to the next level. The site is already running in Craft. Next big task is importing the 5000+ images. Luckily I'll get some help. Phew! Anyway, I'm happy that I got a first sponsor, so we all can still admire the lovely work that is out there. Enjoy! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor use my contact form.
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