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A Jar Full of Autumn
Hi there my Friends! We are starting the second week of October with an amazing new altered project created by Marta. Not only is it made using this beautiful autumn palette, but it's also super simple to make - the list of products today is really not long at all - Rust Pastes and most of all, Marta's creative imagination will certainly make you feel inspired to create some season inspired art! *   *   *   * Hello friends! Today I decided to show you a very easy way to alter... ceramics. Have you ever tried that? Different kinds of pottery are usually pretty as they are, but I wanted to make my little jar more special and more... me. :) This little ceramic jar I altered already had a lovely brownish shade. It made me think it was perfect to decorate using autumn color palette - I used orange, mustard and brown shades of my favorite Art Extravagance Rust Effect Paste Set. First of all, instead of using gesso as usual, this time I just simply treated my ceramic jar with a nail file. It works exactly like sandpaper so you can be sure it will give your surface a matte finish and prime it for any kinds of mixed media products you might want to use later. Later on, I applied Rust Effect Paste colors with a brush, starting from orange and brown and in the end, I applied the mustard color here and there to add some light accents. The pastes are really easy to use and create an amazing texture on the jar (and any surface really). To embellish my autumn jar, I added a piece of cotton thread, cute heart shaped buttons and a few Prima flowers and leaves. The final touch was to use 3D Gloss Gel with golden Pollen Micro Beads to add some fancy shine and another detail of a cool texture. If you'd like to see how I did all of that, here's a short video tutorial I made especially for you - I hope you'll feel inspired! :) Look around your house, maybe you'll find an interesting base to treat with some mixed media! :) How about altering a mug or a plate?This could be so much fun! I love to experiment on various surfaces to see how my mixed media products look on different surfaces.I think that the look of this autumn jar is really cool, don't you think? :)Happy creative October, everyone!xxMartaProducts used:
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