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Enchanted Forest - collage
Hi, it's me again.Many times before I was mentioning my collages and journal pages are short visual stories, which I create when an image or idea will show up in my mind. Quite often the result I'm getting is quite far from the one I'd imagined - but I accept this as a part of the process. This is how the creative ways go.Today I'm leaving you with my latest collage (and a short tale in one). Enjoy (and click to enlarge)! "Enchanted Forest" - mixed-media collage/assemblage on canvas. 50x70 cm (about 19.5'' x 27.5'') It's been a while since I created something of this size and it took me a longer while to get to the results I was happy with. As you can always see my moods and emotions shining through the project of this kind I took my time to make the things just right... It was not only the matter of size but also my experiment with more flat and painted version of collage. With my love for layers, details and small bits it was quite a challenge to put it all together and stay quite flat! This composition of paper, lace, metal elements and all possible small bits and pieces from my quite impressive collection was glued using a set of my Art Basics products - Soft Gel and Heavy Body Gel were my choices.  Later I started playing with colours: I've used 3 versions of gesso (white, black and clear - on the printed image) and later starting adding sprays, Art Alchemy Impasto paints (omg, those rich colours!!!!!) and finally water soluble pastels and pencils. It was quite a ride, but I loved it!A big part of the project is covered in my Art Alchemy Waxes - details of the leaves and almost all of the robes (or armour maybe?). They were layered many times together with Impasto and some Soft Gel for more transparency of the paint. You can see I didn't restrict myself with ideas and added some stamping with permanent inks and tons of ink and paint splatters too. I love the dynamic look you can get this way - in my opinion, it really adds a lot to the project!I can't even recall how many times I was thinking this will never end well. That I'm moving too far from the original idea I had. That maybe my way of putting things together won't work... I'm sure you can relate! But  - as I always say to my students - most of mixed-media projects have to go through many ugly stages to get finally to the beautiful results. The point is not to stop to early and push it through... I'm so glad I did!If you'd like to see what products I was using - here is the supply list - I hope it helps!All linked to Mixed Media Place Store! Now, I'm putting this project in your hands now, hoping you will get inspired or maybe just simply enjoy looking at it. My job is done.I can't guess what kind of emotions it is going to bring or what will you see in it - but if you decide to tell me, I'll be very happy to read!Have a great creative week. I'm so happy you are here with me...
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