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Belgian fashion and lifestyle blog by Elien Voets I Copywriter 


Hi there! Thanks for visiting littlelouvain.com  – This is where the magic happens.  On Littlelouvain.com I write about fashion, traveling and lifestyle. Do you want to know more about me? Keep reading.

My story began in January 2016, as I decided to start my own blog. They always say that you have to chase your dreams, and this is one of the many dreams I have.  Blogging is a very important part of my life right now, I enjoy posting things and keeping you updated of amazing events.

I am a Belgian blogger based in Leuven, a small but very lovely city. I basically grew up there. I have always been that type of girl who loves shopping. Leuven is the nearest city, I like to shop over there. When I was a little younger my grandparents took me with them to Leuven to have a nice meal. I enjoyed these nice moments, so of course I have a lot of good memories over there. That is exactly the reason why my blog is named after Leuven.

As a Belgian lady, I like to support Belgian brands. Every brand deserves a chance, that is the reason why I love to write about new brands. Are you a creative entrepreneur with an amazing idea? Feel free to contact me. I like to do reviews, attend fashion events and to host giveaways. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to collaborate.

Last but not least: My grandfather learned me that I have to enjoy the little things in life and that is exactly what I am doing. A message to you all, you only live once. Try to make it a good life.


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