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Hi there, I am just a girl from Chicago who loves to take pictures of fashion and sunsets. I'll inspire you to live your life with no limits and how to use fashion as a tool, not just something to wear. Life is limitless and colorful. 

2017/07/19 4:00 AM

And The Bride Wore… Toilet Paper?!(23625)

2017/07/16 8:00 AM

Summer Dresses || Collab with Nesha Vibe(23399)

2017/07/11 3:00 AM

Summer Work Outfit(23096)

2017/07/04 3:00 AM

New York Tour(22417)

2017/07/01 2:00 AM

Wearing Ralph Lauren in Sea Isle, NJ(22238)

2017/06/23 2:00 AM

Mata Traders – Ethical Dresses and Jewelry Made for You(21606)