9 reason you should engage malaysiafoodie.com
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From a small blogger who writes about her life and now we write about more than that. We had start off with our personal blog and now we are doing food reviews and more.

1. Content is forever there
The contents will be forever online and you can find them back whenever you need them. From 10 years ago till today. That's what you want ; anytime people can search for you

2. Why do you select Internet advertising method?
Comparing to the traditional advertising, you can only reach a spike of visitors and with the technology nowadays as well as social media advertising. You not only reach to Malaysians or perhaps Klang Valley but you reach around the world

3. Focus
Our content are focusing on certain category and we categorize well our category whether in Food, Hotels, or even Travel and Shopping

4. Reputable
We have been in the industry for 8 years, and we are a reputable blogger where we deliver our review according and timely order.

5. Awards
We have selected and won certain awards such as Best Website Awards, Best Asia Food Awards and listed in a variety of website

6. Statistics / Engagement
we have good statistics records and engagement with our clients and readers. We have over 200k page view a month with 60k unique visitor monthly. Not just that, when clients engage us, they are not just buying into our website, but also digital spaces like Facebook Personal Profile, Fanpage and Instagram. These are additional value add which  we  give to clients. 

7.Higher Rankings on Google and Other Search Engines

Google rewards blogs that regularly publish high-quality, relevant content. Why? Because the goal is to provide searchers with links to sites that can actually answer their questions or provide solutions to their problems.

Research shows that 44% of all online consumers start their shopping experiences with search engines. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012) Therefore, the more valuable content published on your blog, the better your chances of gaining traffic from search engines.

8.Cost effective

Engaging us will be much more cost effective compared to print TV and outdoor. Marketers have to pay huge sums for the creative production cost and media space. The entire campaign takes few weeks or months to prepare and execute. Sometimes the industry moves so fast it leaves little time for marketing reaction. Going digital or engaging us not only allow you to save cost on marketing, but allow you to achieve your marketing objectives with a shorter turn around time-frame and also lesser budget. Your net profit will improve as a result.

9. Consumers trust word of mouth advertising

Based on a Nielson’s report ‘Global Trust in advertising and brand messages’ published in April 2012, the report showed that 92% of consumers around the world now say they trust word of mouth recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. Look around you and you’ll realise that everyone is into their smart phones. They spent time reading news from social feeds and a large part of their decision making is based on what they see online especially on their cellphone. 


2017/07/19 10:00 PM

Wild Honey @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur(23643)

2017/07/19 4:00 AM

Saturday BBQ night @ Pearl International Hotel Kuala Lumpur(23573)

2017/07/18 10:00 PM

Putien Opens 4th Outlet in The Gardens KL(23591)

2017/07/18 4:00 AM

Dorchester Collection Invites Guests to Relax and Revitalize with New Wellness Offerings(23516)

2017/07/17 10:00 PM

Encore Patisserie Cafe @ Taman Desa KL(23499)

2017/07/17 3:00 AM

The Prep Room @ Jalan Sri Hartamas: Every food have a story here!(23458)