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Hi all, I am Sienny.

Since young, I love to doodle/ draw. And I own hand drawn doodle/ drawing cork boards, postcards (with personalised stamps), lanterns/ lamps (papers, bottles etc.), art papers (with/ without frames), canvas etc. under my brand name ~ SiennyLovesDrawing.

Welcome to read my art blogging via & connect with me, SiennyLovesDrawing via social media.

Do contact via email to if you would like to own my artwork, to engage for personalisation handrawn detailed art, wall mural, face painting, mehendi & henna art for your events e.g. wedding, birthday, charity, awareness campaigns, launching etc. 

thank you :)
Thank you :)

2017/08/15 7:00 AM

TartPassion ~ Freshly homemade & baked with natural ingredients (pork free)(25312)

2017/08/13 8:00 AM

Oh My GERD!(25057)

2017/08/09 7:00 AM

Linola ~ No. 1 in Germany, now in Malaysia since Aug 2017(24855)

2017/08/06 7:00 AM

M&M’s Screen Bite Awards 2017(24738)

2017/08/03 7:00 AM

Philtre Coffee ~ impressive recycled style decoration(24592)

2017/07/31 10:00 PM

DannyOne In The Neverland Concert 2017 演唱会(24430)