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Hello, My name is Itzel Najar and I´m 18 years old, I love my life and I believe in miracles and I think that we are here for a special reason, I love Nutella, horses and of course fashion, this is my blog and I hope you like it and take inspirations for your life.

2016/09/30 6:00 AM

Bye Summer!(5398)

2016/09/21 6:00 AM

2 Years!!(5399)

2016/09/15 1:00 AM

Homecoming dress for my blog anniversary(5400)

2016/09/07 6:00 AM

Graffiti Alley Toronto(5401)

2016/09/01 6:00 AM

Bell bottom Jeans(5402)

2016/08/24 5:00 AM