2017/07/05 12:00 AM

Summer Sweater



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Louis Vuitton Bag

I hope everyone had a fun 4th! We had a cookout with my fam and it was so fun! My step-sister brought her baby and it was his first time seeing sparklers so that was adorable to watch :) It's so awesome seeing babies and children see things for the first time. The looks of excitement and amazement in the little things that we're just like, 'yeah cool',  reminds me to slow down and enjoy the small things <3 Almost makes me want a baby...almost ;)

PS! Ever since I did my juice cleanse I have been addicted! The nearest juice shop is about 30 min away so I have been juicing at home and will probably start sharing my tips and recipes :) I feel so much better when I get those vitamins and minerals in me first thing in the morning, it really is amazing.

xo, Samantha Brooke