2017/05/15 11:00 PM

George The Salon Chicago Review


I have never gone to a salon for a facial. This was the first time. I had such a great experience. Lindsey helped me out. She loves helping people with their skin because she had bad acne. She was so sweet and explained everything to me. I had a long day at work and my personal life that day and a facial was the perfect way to relax. You can make an appointment today at George The Salon Chicago and ask for a time lapse facial. Lindsey let me know I needed more moisturizer for my face. I had a little bit of acne on the left side of my face and a week after the facial it was gone. You can spread acne to your face through makeup so if you are not taking your makeup off every night you may be hurting your complexion. She suggested the Face Eraser. It really does take everything off. I ended up buying the Face Eraser which I have the links below for. It really is amazing. I feel like my face is finally clean. It is extremely helpful when you put on a lot of foundation and eye makeup. You are going […]

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