2017/07/10 11:00 PM

Bottomless Coffee At Nando's

Hubby and I had some time to kill while waiting to pick up our Son from his weekend outing with his friends. It was in-between us running morning errands, cheering friends at Hulu Langat Marathon, picking up our race kits for next week's P.S.P. King of Forest trail run and Son's teachers' hari open house...And we decided to lepak at Nando's for a drink and a light, late lunch.
I decided to try their promotion of bottomless coffee and ordered cappucino as it did look like a bargain to go for limitless amount of coffee at just RM9.90.
First cup.
Second cup.

Max. Hahaha

Biasa-biasa saja. Didn't even kawtim my coffee fix. Takde kick.