2017/07/12 8:00 AM

7 Tips for Planning The Best Honeymoon Ever


I love traveling and I love Robin, my fiance and I really love traveling with Robin. So, planning our honeymoon has felt like Christmas. We’re treating ourselves to the longest, largest trip we’ve ever taken before (3 weeks and 4 countries!) and I’ve learned a lot of tips along the way to share with you. So, here they are. My  7 tips for planning the best honeymoon ever! Don’t feel limited to “traditional” honeymoons: Seriously. Just because it’s traditional to go somewhere beachy like Hawaii or Bali, you don’t have to if there is another destination that is calling your name. Robin and I love road trips and exploring a bunch of new places. So, we’re doing a road trip across Europe… but first, we’re stopping in Munich for a few days to attend Oktoberfest. A huge beer festival isn’t what people usually think of for a honeymoon, but that’s us.  Use Credit Card Points: If you don’t have a credit card that offers huge travel rewards, go sign up right now! We have the Saphire Chase Reserve but I’ve heard the American Express travel card it also great. Whatever card you use, make sure to meet the signing points bonus […]

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